Since my last post, crypto tanked – again – and made fresher lows.

A lot of people might have suspected that I have killed myself with crypto tanking so hard like a beech lately.

Unfortunately, I am still alive.

With the markets making crazy moves, I’ve been busy making moves as well. Talking shit on my blog comes secondary to making money, as many of you would also probably agree. I’ve so many posts drafted and waiting to be cleaned up before posting, but obviously the market is more important.

This will just be a quick one, but the main gist of it:

I was buying AND leveraging up.

lol if you’re bearish, how low do you think it’d go?

my entries

my current unrealised P&L on them

Biggest question on everybody’s mind right now: GMGH are you still in profits?

The answer: Yes, I am still in profits.

As I’ve always said, crypto is a dangerous game to play. If you have no idea what you’re doing, you WILL get destroyed.

Oh, also for people that think I’m retarded and would like to counter-trade me, you can do so here at Bitmex where you can go leveraged SHORT up to 100x to trade against me.

If you think Bitcoin is stupid and will go to zero, you should make money from your obvious future foresight. No point being so smart but gaining nothing from that intelligence. Profit from my losses. I dare you. I beg you.

Put your money where your mouth is at.

I have.

Got Money, Got Honey!: More Quick Crypto Updates


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