Ridesharing isn’t new but it can still take some getting used to if it’s not part of your normal routine.

Those who have tried ridesharing report good things, just ask around: It saves money. It’s better for the environment. It beats driving alone. And in some cases, it leads to good conversations and new perspectives, even new friendships.

And when it comes to ridesharing while traveling, the basic rules apply but the benefits can be compounded when you think like a local.

Uber and Lyft are the big names when it comes to ridesharing but take the time to think like a local when you’re visiting a new city. Research local rideshare options to see if there’s a better fit for your vacation goals (getting to experience life like the locals do) or your budget.

Check out these 9 rideshare apps you may not know about.

Rideshare Like a Local When Traveling


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