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You have to aid us out right here. California attempted to tax text messages. The feds stopped that.

Now, LA county desires to tax Uber and lyft. They’re currently taxing us, I consider, for mosquito manage. The mosquito manage only hands out information as well. It does no genuine function.

This is crazy. Everywhere in California, they’re attempting to shake us out of every single cent. Is there something we can do to quit this?


REPLY: Sorry. This is how governments commit suicide. Alternatively of dealing with the difficulty and seeking at this from the extended-term view, all they care about is what is in front of their nose. The attitude is to just raise some tax to meet the subsequent expenditure. They do not appear at this and exactly where it ends up. Historically, if Rome had taxed individuals at 50%, it would have in no way lasted 1,000 years.

There is no hope in sight. The individuals are complacent and till they realize that all of these taxes are minimizing their common of living, then and only then will modify unfold in the kind of huge civil unrest, overthrowing governments, and the finish of profession politicians. Tax rebellions have been the supply of revolution given that the 14th century. Governments in no way find out. They constantly have to oppress individuals to expand their personal greed and energy.

Politicians preserve blaming the wealthy. But no matter what they force the wealthy to spend, politicians will invest far more. Their personal pension systems exactly where their state workers in no way contributed something are collapsing. There is no probable way to prevent this financial disaster at the state/province and municipal levels. They can’t produce money as the federal level can so all they can do is tax individuals into poverty.

So love life when you can. Governments only appear at the instant future and in no way tomorrow. Therefore, they are undertaking their very best to make certain the decline and fall of every little thing thanks to their total mismanagement and self-interest. Representative governments have in no way worked for when you have career politicians, they will in no way spot the interests of the individuals prior to their personal.


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