Hello traders,

yesterday it appears all traders on Twitter noticed low floating (only 40k shares!) nano-cap stock $JMU soon after a big improve in cost and volume. No news, no basic purpose to clarify the move only technicals. Low float + big demand = cost imbalance which leads to big cost swings.

Let us know if you have any information on the stock move.

I do not know how about you but I do not truly anticipate significantly from these rapidly spiking stocks. In common, they have a tendency to run for a day or two and crash or gradually sell off. We had several prior runners in these previous weeks like $SOLO, $ZSAN, $BPTH and extra. All of them trade now in a tiny variety with no true action and gradually fading away. I do consider $JMU is no exception.

Do you consider $JMU will run these days? Tomorrow? Let us know your position on this stock.

$JMU video: https://youtu.be/WJq1TA23mhk