Restricted LAUNCH Supply

The initially purchasers of the HIBgRID EA will get for cost-free the beta version of the “Huge Ben Climber” EA which will be in the industry quickly. The Huge Ben Climber performs on GBPCAD and does not use GRID nor martingale.
It is sufficient to rate the HIBgRID EA five stars if you like it or alernatively PM me with the MQL5 screenshot proof of the obtain of HIBgRID.  


The HIBgRID is a&#13
Hybrid Grid trading technique primarily based on the imply reverting&#13
qualities of the pair GBP/CAD for the duration of low volatility and low&#13
volume period, which means just after New York closes till Tokyo has just&#13


The EA utilizes the&#13
mathematical principles of a&#13
to determine&#13
trading possibilities with larger accomplishment probability.

Soon after a signal and a&#13
trade is opened, if the cost behaves following the imply-reverting&#13
course of action the EA will calculate the most most likely target profit and close&#13
the trade. &#13

In case the cost&#13
behaviour turns out to be not imply-reverting the Danger Manager will&#13
close the initially trade at a decrease profit target or even with a tiny&#13

In case the target&#13
profit is not reached and the Danger Manager does not determine early&#13
evidences of a non imply-reverting distribution the EA will open&#13
recovery orders up to a maximum of four open orders. &#13

The EA utilizes a&#13
proprietary dynamic grid logic with light lot size increment in order&#13
to reduce drawdown and threat exposure.




As the spread plays&#13
an vital function in the true efficiency and it is employed also as a&#13
volatility filter specifically prior to rollover/swap charge and for the duration of&#13
robust cost movement, only a tick by tick, 99% accuracy variable&#13
spread test has a statistical which means. Please steer clear of testing with&#13
fixed spread as it is worthless.

My backtest use&#13
Dukascopy information with a unfavorable cap of 28 points and minimum of 12&#13
points. This is the closer to the ideal ECN broker true circumstances.