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Google desires you to cease storing your identification documents like drivers’ license in your wallet. As an alternative, it is functioning on a mechanism that will permit you to retailer digital IDs on your Android smartphone.

XDA Developers have reported that Google is functioning on an API named “IdentityCredentialAPI” which will act as a digital wallet for your documents. The API framework will permit you to show your documents soon after you have authenticated making use of the fingerprint scanner, password or retina scanner.

To guarantee security, Google will implement two types of data authentication – static and dynamic. When static authentication is deployed, keys are made by an issuing authority whereas dynamic authentication entails keys made by the device’s personal safety hardware. It is equivalent to Titan M in the Pixel three and Pixel 3XL.

Dynamic authentication would make it almost not possible for intruders to access your digital ID without having your permission.

To show your digital driver’s license to a cop, you’d want to establish a wireless connection by means of NFC that would show the license on the cop’s smartphone.

In addition, XDA has also mentioned that the function would function even when the device’s battery is as well low for standard operation.

As futuristic as it sounds, it is just the starting, and we’re not expecting some thing like this till Android R, which is due in 2020.

You can study additional about IdentityCredentialAPI on XDA’s weblog post.

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