Final week, 34 businesses in the CCC List announced dividend increases. I personal the stock of two of these businesses!

In Component 1, I covered dividend increases announced for stocks in the Components, Genuine Estate, and Utilities sectors. Component two covers dividend increases from stocks in Financials and Industrials sectors. In Component three, I will report on dividend increases for the remaining sectors.

I delight in monitoring dividend increases for stocks in the CCC list for the reason that it enables me to determine candidates for additional evaluation.

The leading enhance is from Primerica (PRI), a firm that distributes economic solutions via licensed sales representatives to middle-earnings households in the United States and Canada. PRI announced a spectacular enhance of 36% and now yields 1.15% at $113.70 per share.

To see specifics of these increases, please read this article at In search of Alpha.

As a bonus, I am such as a summary of ex-dividend dates for the subsequent two weeks. Scan the list of stocks to see if there is a stock you want to choose up just before the ex-dividend date so you can grab the subsequent dividend.

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