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The well-liked battle royale game PUBG has gained a huge fan base in India with youths indulged in binge-playing. But it has also moved in the path of becoming infamous, owing to all the controversies about it. The most recent 1 is a theft case wherein an Indian boy stole money from his father.

It is recommended that a 15-year old Jalandhar boy stole Rs 50,000 from his father’s bank account, with out his expertise, to acquire PUBG skins and gaming accessories. The father, who is a mechanic by profession, filed a police report when he got to know of the transaction.

Additionally, the father did not even acquire an OTP (1-time password) or a message of the activity. Following a complaint and investigation into the matter, it was revealed that the money was transferred from his bank account to a Paytm account and ultimately was applied to acquire PUBG accessories.

Subsequently, the son confessed his crime and admitted that he was behind the theft. In addition, it was revealed that he even deleted the OTP and the debit message so that his father wouldn’t be conscious of the transaction.

Upon figuring out the truth, the father took back his complaint.

This is not the very first time PUBG has been in the damaging spotlight not too long ago an Indian teenager committed suicide as he was denied an costly smartphone to play PUBG. In addition, the Indian Government is thinking of banning the game in India, which has currently began taking shape in Gujarat.

The incident surely raises inquiries about regardless of whether the game is at fault or the way customers have taken it in the very first location.

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