How imperialism operates.

And as we are the fantastic guys we can sleep soundly at evening being aware of our honourable leaders are generating the globe secure for is by finding the all undesirable guys, like Maduro – who is sitting on all that oil wasting it providing it to peasants.

Details from nearby sources stated that US army helicopters have currently transported the gold bullions below cover of darkness on Sunday [February 24th], just before transporting them to the United States.

 The sources stated that tens of tons that Daesh had been maintaining in their final hotbed in al-Baghouz location in Deir Ezzor countryside have been handed to the Americans, adding up to other tons of gold that Americans have discovered in other hideouts for Daesh, generating the total quantity of gold taken by the Americans to the US about 50 tons, leaving only scraps for the SDF [Kurdish] militias that serve them [the US operation]. 

Not too long ago, sources stated that the location exactly where Daesh leaders and members have barricaded themselves in, includes about 40 tons of gold and tens of millions of dollars.

So, regardless of no matter whether the US Government makes use of jihadists as its proxy-forces, or makes use of fascists as its proxy-forces, it grabs the gold — and grabs the oil, and requires what ever else it can.

This is today’s kind of imperialism. Grab what you can, and run. And contact it ‘fighting for freedom and democracy and human rights and against corruption’. And the imperial regime’s allies watch in amazement, as they take their respective cuts of the loot. That is the deal, and they contact it ‘fighting for freedom and democracy and human rights and against corruption about the world’.

That is the way it operates. International gangland. That is the reality, when most of the public consider it is rather definitely “fighting for freedom and democracy and human rights and against corruption about the globe.” For instance, as RT reported on Sunday, March 3rd, about John Bolton’s work at regime-adjust in Venezuela, Bolton stated: “I’d like to see as broad a coalition as we can place collectively to replace Maduro, to replace the entire corrupt regime,’ Bolton told CNN’s Jake Tapper.”

Trump’s regime desires to bring clean and democratic government to the poor Venezuelans, just like Bush’s did to the Iraqis, and Obama’s did to the Libyans and to the Syrians and to the Ukrainians. And Trump, who pretends to oppose Obama’s regime-adjust policies, alternately expands them and shrinks them. Even though he’s slightly diverse from Obama on domestic policies, he in no way, as the US President, condemn’s any of his predecessors’ numerous coups and invasions, all of which had been disasters for everyone except America’s and allies’ billionaires. They’re all in on the take