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                         Product web page: https://www.mql5.com/en/marketplace/item/32397 

Price tag Track EA is a multi-settings, multi-tactics trading method particularly created to safely seek hyper earnings with minimal drawdowns.

Price tag Track EA is a hugely quantitatively-driven automated trading method with underlying tactics primarily based on the rigorous implementation of proprietary cost tracking algorithms created for the identification of places of cost momentum exhaustion and momentary unsustainable cost movements, with the finish objective of producing low-danger hyper-alphas. The algorithms model the microdynamics of cost movements as a function of the behaviour of purchasers and sellers in an infinitesimal time space to a offered variation in demand and provide balance, enabling for the identification of intense unsustainable imbalance and potentially favourable micro-situations for trading possibilities.

The Price tag Track EA prioritises on shorter time frame charts, and its focusing on the instant action makes it possible for for heavier lot sizing offset by smaller holding periods (at times fractions of a minute) to handle danger. The underlying technique does not employ any indicator and does not use any grid/martingale method. Each trade is protected by a cease loss and after in the profit zone, earnings are protected by trailing stops. 

Price tag Track EA has been rigorously tested with actual tick information, with 99.9% modelling high quality with $eight.two commission per lot round trip, actual variable spreads and realistic slippages (65% opportunity of slippage at open and close of orders, of which 75% non-favourable).


Price tag Track EA comes with more than 600 in-constructed user-selectable rigorously tested pre-sets, thereby enabling for further robustness and flexibility of use with distinct brokers. Merely choose the pre-sets that performs greatest with your broker, or manually input your personal settings. User can activate up to 10 sets to trade simultaneously, enabling for possible hyper development in the accounts equity. The in-constructed account management method guarantees dangers are adequately managed when functioning with multi-sets according to user specified preferences. The EA comes with two tactics, and customers can choose either of the tactics to use. The EA can be utilized in multi-currency mode, setting it on distinct charts. Note that at times this EA may possibly not trade for days based on the input settings.

These signals, which show the demonstration of the EA in action, is for combined GBPUSD+USDJPY and EURUSD+USDJPY respectively, working with only 1 set every single, and working with Approach 1.

  • Minimum deposit: $200, encouraged $1000
  • Broker variety: Low spread, quickly execution, low commission quickly and reputable ECN broker, non-FIFO
  • Quick VPS a most.
  • Currency: EA created for EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD
  • Time frame: EA Created for M1


  • DynamicLot (If Accurate, lots will be auto-calculated primarily based on RiskLevel).
  • RiskLevel: VeryLow, Low_, Moderate, Aggressive, VeryAggressive, Nuts
  • RiskDistribution: NoDistribution, EvenDistribution, CustomDistribution
  • MaxLotSize
  • Lots (Active only if DynamicLot == False)
  • DisplayInfo: Accurate, False
  • bgColorOfDisplayInfo:
  • Settings for Set n (n = 1 to 10):
    • ActivateSet_n: Accurate, False. Activates or deactivates this set n
    • magic_n (Magic quantity if ActivateSet_n==Accurate)
    • StrategyToUse_n: Approach 1, Approach two
    • Set_n_Danger_% (Danger in % for this set, only if RiskDistribution==CustomDistribution)
    • PresetToUseForSet_n (Choose 1 of 650 in-constructed pre-sets or choose “Use No Presets” for manual setting of the remaining input parameters for this set n if active).
    • Clearance_n (Pending order clearance for this set n if active)
    • TakeProfit_n (Takeprofit in pips for this set n if active)
    • StopLoss_n (StopLoss in pips for this set n if active)
    • TrailingStop_n (Trailing Cease in pips for this set n if active)
    • LockProfitBeforeStartOfTrailingStop_n (Income pips to lock ahead of get started of trailing for this set n if active)
    • MaxSpreadPoints_n (Maximum allowable spread for this set n if active)
    • Set_n_Param1 (Approach parameter for this set n if active)
    • Set_n_Param2 (Approach parameter for this set n if active)
    • Set_n_Param3 (Approach parameter for this set n if active)