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Spotify announced this morning that it is filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Union, alleging that the iPhone maker is harming customer selection and stifling innovation by means of the guidelines it enforces on the App Retailer.

As Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek outlined in a weblog post, the enterprise is annoyed about the 30 % reduce Apple requires from subscription purchases on the App Retailer. This “tax,” suggests Ek, appears created to harm streaming solutions that compete with Apple’s personal.

Ek says that if Spotify pays this reduce it has to “artificially inflate” its costs “well above the value of Apple Music.” But if it does not spend, Apple applies “a series of technical and practical experience-limiting restrictions” that make Spotify an inferior practical experience. Ek also notes that Apple “routinely blocks our practical experience-enhancing upgrades,” which includes locking Spotify and other competitors out of Apple solutions like Siri, Homepod, and Apple Watch.

Interestingly, Ek’s complaints echo current comments produced by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Warren stated final week that if elected president in 2020 she would break up significant tech organizations. She also criticized these firms for the identical purpose that Ek is criticizing Apple: noting that they operate marketplaces they also compete in against rivals.

“Companies would be prohibited from owning each the platform utility and any participants on that platform,” stated Warren, who singled out Amazon and Google, even though not Apple.

This is the 1st time a complaint of this sort against the App Retailer has been filed publicly with the EU, even though organizations have criticized Apple’s 30 % reduce on the App Retailer considering the fact that it was introduced for the buy of apps in 2011.

A spokesperson for the European Commission, the EU physique that offers with antitrust complaints, told The Wall Street Journal that it had received Spotify’s complaint and was “assessing [it] beneath our common procedures.”