ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Digestive wellness advantages might now be identified in toaster pastries, pepper flakes and all-objective cleaner. These had been amongst the things featuring probiotics on show at Organic Solutions Expo West, held March five-9 in Anaheim.

Customers are becoming savvier about microbiome and general wellness, driving demand for meals and beverage merchandise formulated with reside active cultures, stated Jenna Blumenfeld, senior meals editor at New Hope Network, which produces the Organic Solutions Expos.

“The merchandise we’re seeing are not just added probiotics any longer you are seeing much more merchandise with prebiotics in them,” she stated. “What’s quite thrilling to me is you are seeing much more fermented foods cropping up in unexpected areas.”

An instance is Picaflor Reside-Culture Raw Fermented Pepper Flakes from Foremother Foods, L.L.C., Boulder, Colo. Varieties contain cayenne and hot Portugal peppers, Bulgarian carrot pepper, jalapeño and relleno peppers, and criolla sella pepper. The business describes the pepper flakes as “raw, fermented, and gradually dehydrated to preserve enzymes and all that excellent-for-your-gut bacteria.”

Picaflor also presents single-serve packets of hot sauce fermented with reside probiotics.

“I like the notion of fermenting issues for flavor and also for microbiome help,” Ms. Blumenfeld stated.

Gutsii, Los Angeles, delivers a whimsical, indulgent strategy to digestive wellness. At Organic Solutions Expo West, the business featured a line of chocolate bars and shakes formulated with probiotics and prebiotic fiber. Flavors contain raspberry, pink salt and mint crisp.

One more exhibitor, Gutzy, New York, combines fruits, vegetables, oats and botanicals with prebiotic fiber in a variety of transportable pouch snacks. Founder David Istier credits a diet regime of plant-primarily based foods and fibers for glowing skin and “a lighter, much more energized me.”

“Our understanding of the wellness impacts linked with the makeup of a person’s microbiome is expanding beyond classic gut wellness,” stated Amanda Hartt, market place study manager at New Hope Network, for the duration of a presentation at Expo West. “We’re producing much more connections to our general cognitive function and several other wellness outcomes like immunity (help).

“There’s so several brands that are tapping into gut wellness, healthier microbiome space due to the fact they know shoppers are seeking to reside a life that is much more resilient, a life that is complete of vitality.”

Fermenting Fairy, Santa Monica, Calif., introduced new things at the show, such as apple cinnamon sauerkraut, lavender ginger lemonade and vanilla bean coconut milk kefir. Solutions are produced with only raw components and are organic, vegan, gluten-free of charge and soy-free of charge.

The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, unveiled Odwalla Smoobucha, a variety of bottled beverages described as a smoothie combined with pasteurized kombucha, containing 500 million colony-forming units of “good” bacteria, according to the business. Flavors contain citrus and guava, apple and greens, and berry and ginger.

“Our innovation approach focuses on bringing trends from the fringe to the mainstream wellness and wellness shopper,” stated Sara Smith, brand director. “Kombucha is increasing 40% year more than year, but can be polarizing due to the fact of its vinegary, tart taste. We saw this as the excellent chance for Odwalla to build a bridge for people today who have been either intimidated to attempt kombucha or turned off by its taste.”

One more item launched at Expo West was Earnest Eats Pro Toasty, a toaster pastry featuring protein and probiotics. Flavors contain chocolate, maple and strawberry vanilla. Every single pastry has 9 to 10 grams of grass-fed collagen protein and an almond butter filling. The item has significantly less than half the sugar of other toaster pastries, according to the business.

“Toaster pastries have been a staple in morning routines for years, however the classic pastry most people today bear in mind from their childhood hasn’t evolved in decades,” stated Andrew Aussie, president and founder of Earnest Eats, Solana Beach, Calif. “The toaster pastry aisle remains packed with selections complete of empty carbs and sugar and minimal protein and nutrition. Our new Pro Toasty is shaking up the breakfast categories by providing a greater protein breakfast that is a all-natural makeover on a sugary indulgence, blast-from-the-previous breakfast crafted with complicated carbohydrates, probiotics and a protein superfood filling to fuel your mornings.”

Nutrition bars are a common format for probiotics and prebiotics. From Probar L.L.C., Salt Lake City, the new Probar Reside bar consists of nuts, seeds and dates, with 10 grams of plant-primarily based protein and probiotics.

Rowdy Bars, Sparks, Nev., presents a line of snack bars produced with yacon root, a prebiotic fiber. The most recent addition to the lineup is a sunflower butter and berries assortment.

One more Expo West debut was Core Bar from Core Foods, Los Angeles. Described as an organic probiotic overnight oat bar, varieties contain lemon poppyseed, coconut cashew mango, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, blueberry banana almond and dark chocolate cherry.

“We are on a mission to provide necessary nutrition to our consumer’s lives and aim to innovate inside the snacking meals category,” stated Lance Collins, founder of Core Foods. “The new Organic Probiotic Overnight Oats Bar line is nutrient-dense and adds new expectations to the refrigerated bar category with no mirroring any other bars on the market place.

“Our purpose is to offer higher high quality merchandise with no compromising taste. Core Foods has anything you will need to make your core delighted.”

Even non-meals things showcased at Expo West by private care and way of life brands boast microbiome advantages. Counter Culture, L.L.C., Solana Beach, tends to make probiotic, non-toxic household cleaning merchandise created to break down dirt, grease and grime although restoring healthier bacteria in residences.