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ADVT Advantis Corporation https://youtu.be/Q6bHtAJsqmc

AMRH Ameri Holdings Inc. https://youtu.be/HzLkXDz2KLo

BDVB Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavern Inc. https://youtu.be/rSQQqseypSc

CELZ Inventive Healthcare Technologies Holdings Inc. https://youtu.be/hr0ehJ7DlwE

CMGO CMG Holdings Group Inc. https://youtu.be/aL1eFCBUj6c

DVLP Golden Establishing Options Inc. https://youtu.be/tYv3RgWbHo4

EAPH Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. https://youtu.be/Hcd3VpsaQRg

EDXC ENDEXX Corp. https://youtu.be/JJZmcNHLGfw

GDET GD Entertainment &amp Technologies Inc. https://youtu.be/eh-BGWqt5f8

GHHC GH Cap Inc. https://youtu.be/DEX4qV7c8Co

GRSO Develop Options Holdings Inc. https://youtu.be/5rz4qLS5u_U

IGNG Imaging3 Inc. https://youtu.be/Wa71E9oV5JA

IGPK Integrated Cannabis Options Inc. https://youtu.be/2hYtakl3ckg

KGKG Kona Gold Options Inc. https://youtu.be/uX2BcbOtXgo

LFAP LifeApps Brands Inc. https://youtu.be/8zm8SQfnzAM

MCIG mCig Inc. https://youtu.be/bJZFxppQCoI

MCOA Marijuana Enterprise of America Inc. https://youtu.be/fsHtiFLvDWk

POTN Potnetwork Holdings Inc. https://youtu.be/37K3LRFAItg

SGYPQ Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc. https://youtu.be/7Pqmp7Z8EHI

SHMP NaturalShrimp Incorporated https://youtu.be/kFQNotSgLac

UCPA United Communications Partners Inc. https://youtu.be/A2GHfkxvyuo

VATE Elev8 Brands Inc https://youtu.be/YYBTQhWf21g

VRUS Verus International Inc. https://youtu.be/sOHN9oj3Vl8

VSHC Visual Healthcare Corp. https://youtu.be/16U7PvwP2E4

VYST Vystar Corp. https://youtu.be/eU-5LBBCQGo

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