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Hello traders,

— As anticipated by the marketplace, yesterday’s FOMC was dovish.

Do we have acquire chance on EURUSD?
— Yes, since Market place Sentiment (MS) and Significant Currency Strength (MCS) gave that sign.

Right here we located an location which was anticipated as Sturdy Resistance on FOMC occasion :
Sturdy SR is an location exactly where there are quite a few actual SRs above present value

Avg Day-to-day Jump (ADJ) @ 1.14465 + WSR @ 1.14479 + R level @ 1.14465

— I have reminded this and I wrote in my profile prior to the FOMC occasion took location :


  • Outcome *
    Students have taken chance on EURUSD, commence promoting at Sturdy Resistance.

    Every person has unique benefits, since every particular person has a different level of psychology. At least they are in the identical location.

  • Are they confident when putting position sell-limit there?
    No. Due to the fact the FOMC sounds pretty dovish.
    Fed statement saysNo price hikes this year only a single in 2020

    That is why,  trading is not quick. 🙂
    at least we should use the ideal tools and technical.

Want to find out and make some practice on SR Method?
— I have offer some supplies right here.

want you all the finest this year.
Thank you.