NOMPU SIZIBA: JSE-listed Trellidor has been chosen to set up security devices on the London Underground rail network. Trellidor is recognized for its sturdy, safe gates. To inform us about the chance and how they managed to get this 1 in the bag, I’m joined on the line by Peter Rawson, the sales and advertising and marketing director at Trellidor. Thanks quite considerably for joining us, Peter, and congratulations on this huge contract. What installations, precisely, are you going to be assisting London Underground with?

PETER RAWSON: Hi, Nompu. Thank you so considerably for the chance to chat to everybody and for the congratulations. We are ecstatic that we have landed this. We have basically been functioning on this project because 2002, if you can think that.


PETER RAWSON: They are upgrading the whole Underground. As aspect and parcel of that we’ve been functioning with them, and normally in terms of what they are hunting for from a retractable gate safety for specific delicate places in the Underground. So in 2017 they gave us the final challenge, which was to come up with a safety gate to their specification, a plus-A emergency-escape locking program, which can only be unlocked from the 1 side. We managed to do that.

And then we had to jump via the hoops in terms of finding certified via a certification physique in the UK. I’m delighted to say that we ultimately got via and we had been awarded 4 out of 12 stations in the middle of final year, which we’ve just completed installing. It is about 12 units at the moment, and we are waiting with bated breath for the remainder, in the complete know-how that if we can do this adequately, there are more than 50 other underground stations in the UK, in London.

NOMPU SIZIBA: Yes, that was going to be my subsequent query – how a lot of stations you could potentially be functioning on. But for now you are going to hopefully be functioning on 12 stations?

PETER RAWSON: Yes. We’ve effectively completed 4 of the stations, and we have practically just completed sign-off. It is really profitable, and they are more than the moon in terms of how it has turned out. All these units had been manufactured in Durban, air freighted across, and installed by our UK entity. So it is quite profitable and we are quite hopeful. We think we are in line to get much more. It is naturally a lengthy-term project and, as lengthy as we hold behaving and enhancing, we should really be in a fantastic position to get some much more operate.

NOMPU SIZIBA: Assuming that you do get much more operate and it is more than a longer period of time, would that imply that you would have to employ much more persons in Durban, or not necessarily have the capacity to make what ever you have to have to make?

PETER RAWSON: The way this project is operating up, Nompu, we likely will not have to employ a lot of new persons. But if they come via as steadily as they have, we’ll unquestionably be hunting to bulk up on our production side. It is extremely specialised, with a lot of outdoors providers creating specialised elements. But we also have our eyes on naturally taking it to other specialised markets. The solution is really sturdy and has been developed for when there are circumstances exactly where there are huge crowds, higher volumes of persons – and naturally that opens up other markets like stadiums, ports, and other undergrounds all through Europe. So that is exactly where our eyes will be going. We have some contacts functioning currently on that, and the profitable completion of these 4 stations naturally puts us in a quite fantastic position now to positively move on and locate other markets for the solution.

NOMPU SIZIBA: So you are also hunting, probably, at mainland Europe?

PETER RAWSON: Totally. They have their personal challenges, as is effectively recorded, and in particular with, once again, a  high volume of persons exactly where, if there is an emergency or an occasion and persons are needing to exit promptly, this solution is 1 solution that can definitely support. They are quite conscious about certification, as you can picture. So the LTCB certification that we have got puts us in an really sturdy position.

That is not to say we haven’t got opposition we are applied to that, and we know that we’ll be place beneath the test banner just to make confident that we make, and continue innovating and carrying out factors much better.

NOMPU SIZIBA: Okay. Let’s park that on the side. Nicely completed for all of that. But right here at property, in South Africa, is there an appetite for your providing? Are persons nevertheless spending on their individual safety? I ask this in the context that we are normally hearing that the customer is beneath stress and generally possessing to sacrifice factors that they would ordinarily view as priorities.

PETER RAWSON: Yes, definitely. We, like a lot of providers, are feeling the financial pressures on our target market place, which is the middle to upper class of property owners, mostly. We are involved in retail and business enterprise and offices, but we appreciate the truth that safety is aspect of [living]. Becoming secure is aspect of our vision, and getting there to support persons.

We are hunting at it all the time with extending the variety that we can supply to advantage people’s budgets and their pockets, exactly where necessary, and we are seeing a huge drive, in the residential markets, of persons moving from standalone residences into estates and secure, safe villages. We are conscious that perhaps the level of safety necessary there is not very what it would be if you are in a standalone home.

So we are innovating, we are normally hunting to attempt and be aspect of the resolution, and make confident that anyone who lives or operates in South Africa can be secure.

NOMPU SIZIBA: Peter, thank you quite considerably. It was beautiful speaking to you, and all the most effective with the deal in the UK.