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four/14/2019 11:45PM EST.

Crude Oil to Gold: https://ibb.co/Y0MrcNg

Crude Oil to M1: https://ibb.co/G2mM8y6

Housing to Gold: https://ibb.co/smc0FkD

Housing to M1: https://ibb.co/MRGTX53

Organic Gas to Crude Oil: https://ibb.co/2dyqS8C

Organic Gas to M1: https://ibb.co/W06GFB2

SPX to Gold: https://ibb.co/PDg6sWw


Housing > Organic Gas [Only because of leverage and low risk]

Organic Gas > Oil

Oil > Gold

Oil > SPX

Housing > Gold

NG/Oil > Inflation Resistant Stocks > Tech…./SPX

Gold <=> SPX 50/50 , I hope for this to drop a bit to BTFD and then have a further DOT COM.


15% Organic Gas Futures unless you come across low upkeep ETF that tracks 1 to 1 NG.F

15% Oil Futures

15% Inflation Benefiting (Not just resistant) Enterprise Stocks, like Wells Fargo, Coca Cola. Other folks like Pepsi and Household Depot, even though fantastic, are costly compared to the prior. MCD is also killing it.

20% Money (security net for the under)

35% Housing down payment on Maximum Leverage. Rental/Agricultural revenue need to be >= mortgage. Have to be low home tax zone to prevent inflation increasing it also higher. Excellent to purchase now (we appear like we are the similar time period as 1985 for housing) and sell when ratio is like in 2001 and 1970s. Use your leverage now to make 50% profit at least, even if we deflate a bit quickly, and swap for gold and then swap the gold for housing. Even with bullion tax, you happen to be generating stacks.

Thoughts on Future:

We are probably to have a repeat of the 70s/80s inflationary recessions [Stock market rises 2x but dollar worth is 10x less, so 5x relative loss at best in general stock market, unless you buy businesses that benefit from it]. Combine this with bigger uneducated population now, and you will have RIOTS on street due to 3x bigger wealth gap. Housing can fall 50% to GOLD but GOLD can rise 50% without having $ price tag decline, or it can fall 50% in $ price tag and no movement in GOLD, but that leads to a further 2001-2011 currency devaluation and a 2011 style MEGA bounce, so BTFD time there, if we get fortunate.

Either way, finest spot is NGAS and OIL. Anticipate heavy sanctions or revenue embargo or war on nations with petroleum.

This can lead to as significantly as $250/barrel of petroleum with present M.

With exception of AAPL, Warren Buffet’s BRK whole portfolio is positioned precisely for this.


This can all backfire **IF** and only if FED deletes money money provide, but never ever did they appear to do this in pasted 60 years.