Dot Well being is a Canadian-created app that digitizes your wellness records and then presents them with added context so they’re uncomplicated to have an understanding of.

1st off, the app appears great and options a distinguished seeking contemporary design and style. Dot Well being also does an outstanding job of creating the details uncomplicated to have an understanding of, which assists contribute to the usability of the platform.

That stated, there is a slight understanding curve to figuring out the app’s user interface, but it is honestly not that negative.

Beginning up

When you initial start out up the app, you have to have to make an account and confirm your identity. Dot Well being does this by matching a selfie to a image of your ID.

When your ID gets verified, then you can start out utilizing it and your previous wellness records will commence to seem in the app.

Even though you are waiting, you are capable to ‘Add a Visit’ to Dot’s records to support hold track of your visits. To do this, choose the date of your pay a visit to, add exactly where you went, the name of the physician who saw you and then you can add notes and photographs to hold all the details in one particular place.

The app also has a section for uploading your immunization card.

Exactly where the app shines the brightest is when it displays you your records. Regrettably, I can not get mine at the moment mainly because my ID is expired and my new one particular arrived at my parent’s residence. That stated, the app gives a demo that shows off how it displays records and areas them into context.

There’s one particular caveat, on the other hand. If you use Dot Well being a lot and have frequent physicians appointments, you will most likely have to have to spend for ‘Dot Well being Plus.’ Plus fees $9.99 per month, but it permits your account to supply records from an limitless quantity of wellness care providers, alternatively of just one particular.

The Plus membership also requests 5 years worth of records compared to the single year the cost-free tier gives.

Ultimately, the paid membership lets customers speak with the app’s resident doctor and offers you access to new options prior to cost-free tier customers.

You can download Dot Well being on iOS and Android for cost-free.