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It is been a when because we’ve observed oil costs at present levels. Especially, the WTI and Brent oil costs are at about US$64 and $71 per barrel, respectively.

Right here are two top rated dividend stock gems that really should advantage from greater oil costs. Each Pason Systems (TSX:PSI) and Vermilion Power (TSX:VET)(NYSE:VET) have miraculously maintained or elevated their popular stock dividends each year because 2003 — all through the economic crisis of 2007-2008 and the oil value slump of 2014.

Furthermore, each stocks have elevated their dividends inside the final 12 months.

Let’s dig a tiny deeper into each and every dividend stock gem.

Pason Systems

Pason Systems’ history goes as far back as 1978. It ultimately worked its way to turn into a public enterprise in 1996. Final year, it generated $306 million of income and net earnings of just below $63 million.

It accomplished an business-major net margin of 20.five%, beating the business typical of two% by a nation mile. What’s a lot more impressive is that it has accomplished all that with no debt on the balance sheet.

Pason Systems delivers specialized information management systems for drilling rigs. Its options include things like information acquisition, properly website reporting, remote communications, and internet-primarily based info management. The options conveniently permit for collaboration amongst the rig and the workplace.

In other words, the enterprise delivers gear and technologies options for oil and gas producers with major industry positions in North America, South America, and Australia.

Greater oil costs really should lead to escalating activities at the oil patch, which really should, in turn, lead to a lot more usage of Pason Systems’ goods and solutions.

At $20.71 per share as of writing, Pason Systems is fantastic for a yield of about three.five%. It final elevated its dividend by five.9% in September. Furthermore, Thomson Reuters has a 12-month imply target of $24.80 per share on the stock, which represents close to-term upside prospective of practically 20%.

Vermilion Power

Vermilion Power is a international mid-cap oil and gas producer that advantages from greater WTI and Brent oil costs. It enjoys premium pricing for its Brent oil and European gas more than its WTI oil and Albertan gas. Management estimates that about 37% of its production mix will come from commodities with premium pricing this year.

When discussing the payout ratio, management accounts for capital spending as properly. Naturally, it aims for a payout ratio below 100%. This year, it estimates a payout ratio of about 93%.

Notably, because 2003 there have been 10 years in which its payout ratio exceeded 100%, but the enterprise managed to retain the dividend. So, in the case the payout ratio goes more than 100%, shareholders shouldn’t be as well alarmed.

At $35.13 per share as of writing, Vermilion Power gives a whopping yield of 7.86%. It final elevated its dividend by 7% in April 2018. Furthermore, Reuters has a 12-month imply target of $42.90 per share on the stock, which represents close to-term upside prospective of practically 22%. This implies one particular-year total returns of about 30% is doable!

Investor takeaway

There are no guarantees in the security of dividends in the power space. On the other hand, the management of each Pason Systems and Vermilion Power have demonstrated they’re committed and in a position to navigate the difficult power landscape to hold their dividends secure, at least because 2003.

Meanwhile, each stocks supply fantastic upside prospective from present levels. If you are bullish on the power sector, contemplate these dividend gems.

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Fool contributor Kay Ng owns shares of Pason Systems and VERMILION Power INC. The Motley Fool owns shares of Pason Systems.