Ted Speak organizers these days hosted a conversation with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The conversation went mainly as planned. It centered on possibilities and challenges faced by the platform, and what it was performing to address them. But in 1 bit of poor organizing, a person decided it’d be a superior thought to function a hashtag, #AskJackAtTED, on a projector screen behind Dorsey for the duration of the speak.

Place a reviled public figure just before a giant screen and let the Net inform him what they believe of him? What could possibly go incorrect. It didn’t take lengthy for Twitter trolls to sink their teeth in, reportedly forcing TED’s social media crew to pull the plug on what ended up getting a definitely undesirable thought.

TED hasn’t published a hyperlink to the speak however, but we’ve got a handful of examples to report thanks to pictures shared on, nicely, Twitter. They ranged from the obvious…

to inquiries about Dorsey’s appearance…

and the 1 query we all wanted to ask:

For superior measure, a TED employee even weighed in to make this comparison, which we completely agree with:

And that, little ones, is why we do not place controversial figures in front of a screen with reside tweets. It is eerily reminiscent of the time that Jonah Lehrer, a well-known science writer, got Twitter-roasted in front of a equivalent setup when delivering a ho-hum apology speech immediately after plagiarizing the New Yorker and Bob Dylan.

Update: A representative from TED reached out to let us know that Dorsey’s trial by fire (or tweet, as it might be) was under no circumstances intended to final for the entirety of the speak. The organizers had usually intended to shut down the board at some point for the duration of the speak.

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