Michigan’s Legislature is intervening in a lengthy-operating legal dispute more than unlicensed health-related marijuana shops, pushing to enact a firm deadline for the organizations to close or danger their capacity to get a permit.

The Property voted 102-four in favor of legislation that would avoid unlicensed facilities that remain open just after June 1 from becoming licensed for a year. The legislation now goes to the state’s Senate for consideration.

The move comes just after a judge final month issued a short-term restraining order blocking enforcement of a March 31 deadline that had been set by state regulators who are much more tightly regulating the MMJ business beneath a 2016 law.

“I believe what this does is genuinely clarifies that there’s a point in time at which we have to move from an unregulated industry to a regulated industry, from unlicensed operators to licensed operators,” said the bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Jim Lilly.

Licensing deadlines have been extended a lot of occasions more than the previous year since of court action and other motives, which includes regulators requiring much more time to completely evaluate possible licensees and issues about a health-related marijuana shortage.

Court of Claims Judge Stephen Borrello heard arguments this week in numerous consolidated lawsuits against the state more than the licensing deadlines. He is anticipated to rule quickly.

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