Investors are worried about the Medicare for All proposal by the left wing of the Democratic celebration. Senator Bernie Sanders introduced this act with 16 other Senators in 2017. United Health’s CEO stated it would “destabilize the nation’s wellness program.” It has no likelihood of passing unless a left wing President is elected and the Democrats take the Senate (and Home). At the moment, Biden is ahead of Sanders by 7.five% in the typical of current polls. Medicare for All is nevertheless far away from becoming passed.

In the 2020 race, the GOP will have 22 Senators up for re-election and the Dems will have 12. The map is greater for the Dems than in 2018, but now they are beginning with the Senate at 53-47 in favor of the GOP. According to the Cook Political Report, there are three races which lean GOP that the Dems could choose up. Nonetheless, there is one particular Dem seat that is a tossup that the GOP could quickly choose up.

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