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On the most current episode of Digital Trends Reside, host Greg Nibler and Nicole Raney, managing editor of The Manual, DT’s sister internet site, go over today’s prime tech subjects, like the prospective dangers of eScooters, Spotify’s testing of voice-enabled advertisements, Waymo’s guarantee that its autonomous automobiles can see bikes and pedestrians, Swarm A.I., the induction of Microsoft’s Solitaire into the video game hall of fame, and far more.

Dr. Louis Rosenberg, chief executive officer and chief scientist at Unanimous A.I., joins the plan to speak about predictive evaluation and its applications, and how Swarm A.I. has predicted the Kentucky Derby winner.

Later, Nibler welcomes Jim Huether, chief executive officer of Hyperice, to go over how percussive therapy and decrease-back therapeutics are assisting everybody from athletes to esports players.

In our new Tech Briefs segment, Nibler and Ken Yeung,  Flipboard technologies editor, recap the week in tech, like the F8 conference and Facebook’s ongoing privacy issues.

Lastly, Jon Bostock, co-founder and chief executive officer of Truman’s, joins us to speak about the cleaning business, and how a single semi-truck of Truman’s refill cartridges equates to 31 semi-trucks of regular, single-use spray bottles.