Generating an intro for your PowerPoint making use of the signature Star Wars text crawl throughout the opening scene is an superb way to captivate your audience, acquiring them extra interested and engaged in your presentation.

Generating the Star Wars Intro Crawl in PowerPoint

Very first factors initially, you require to add an image of a clear, starry evening sky as the background of our slide. Find the image on-line or, if luck is on your side and you have a superior camera handy, go outdoors and take a single oneself.

black night sky with stars

After you have placed the image in PowerPoint, you will require to insert a text box so we can enter our introduction text. To add a text box, initially, click the “Insert” tab.

insert tab

Subsequent, click the “Text Box” button.

text box in text group

Click and drag to draw your text box. Be confident to be a bit generous on the size of the text box.

Make confident the image is set to be behind the text. After you are prepared, enter the text you’d like to be displayed.

The font style has changed a bit in extra current films, but if you are searching to at least closely mock the text style of the original 1977 version, then you will require to set the font to the following:

  • Colour: Gold (Red 250, Green 190, Blue )
  • Font Style: News Gothic MT Bold
  • Font Size: 44 pt.
  • Alignment: Justify

Following you adjust your settings, you ought to have anything that appears like this:

before angled text

Now it is time to modify the viewpoint of the text. Very first, pick the text box.

Select text box

Subsequent, switch to the “Format” tab and then click the “Text Effects” button.

select text effects

From the dropdown menu that seems, pick “3-D Rotation.”

3-D rotation

An additional menu will seem. Right here, pick the “Perspective Relaxed Moderately” choice from the “Perspective” group.

perspective relaxed moderately

Subsequent, head back to the menu exactly where we chosen our viewpoint, but this time, pick “3-D Rotation Options” at the bottom.

3d rotation options

The “Format Shape” pane will seem on the correct-hand side. Close to the bottom, modify the “Y Rotation” worth to 320 degrees and the “Perspective” choice to 80 degrees.

80 degree perspective

The subsequent element is a bit tricky—you require to position your text box so that the leading of the text is at the bottom of the slide. You also require to make confident the text is centered. To do so, click and drag the text box. Adjust the width of the text box to make the leading line of text the similar width (or close to the similar width) as your slide.

same width

Subsequent, head more than to the “Animations” tab and pick the down arrow at the bottom correct of “Animation” group.

animations tab

At the bottom of the menu that seems, pick “More Motion Paths.”

more motion paths

The “Change Motion Path” menu will seem. Right here, pick “Up” and then click “OK.”

up motion path

You will see a red and green arrow seem, signifying the finish and starting of the animation, respectively. Click and drag the red arrow to the incredibly leading of the slide. Hold the Shift important whilst dragging to hold your line straight.

red arrow

Now head to the “Advanced Animations” group and pick the “Add Animation” choice.

Add animation

Pick the “Grow/Shrink” animation from the “Emphasis” group.

grow shrink animation

Head back more than to the “Advanced Animation” group and pick “Animation Pane.”

animation pane

A pane will seem on the correct-hand side of the window, displaying the chosen animations. Right here, double-click the “Up” animation.

up animation

A window will seem, presenting numerous possibilities for the Up animation. Right here, modify the “Smooth start” and “Smooth end” settings to zero and then click “OK.”

smooth animation

Subsequent, double-click the “Grow/Shrink” animation from the list to bring up its settings window. In the “Settings” section, click the arrow subsequent to the “Size” choice. In the dropdown menu that seems, enter “10%” in the “Custom” choice and then press Enter.

10 percent shrink size

Head more than to the “Timing” tab and pick the arrow subsequent to the “Start” choice. Pick “With Previous” and then click “OK.”

with previous

Now, you require to adjust the length of the “Up” animation. By default, the animation length is only two seconds, which is as well speedy.

2 second default

To adjust the timing, click and grab the finish of the colored bar subsequent to the animation. The timing depends on how significantly text you have. We’ll set ours to 30 seconds.

Do the similar for your Develop/Shrink animation.

Now, we require to add a shape to that makes use of the similar image as the background. Head more than to the “Insert” tab and pick the “Shapes” choice from the “Illustrations” group.

insert shape

A dropdown menu will seem. Pick “Rectangle” from the “Rectangles” group.


Draw the rectangle so that it covers the leading half of the slide.

cover top half of slide

Now we require to take away the outline of the rectangle. Make confident the shape is chosen, then head more than to the “Home” tab and click “Shape Outline.”

Shape Outline

From the dropdown menu that seems, pick “No Outline.”

No outline

Subsequent, we require to give the shape the similar image as our background. To do this, head back more than to the “Drawing” group and pick “Shape Fill.”

shape fill

From the dropdown menu, pick “Picture.” Browse to the place of the image you applied for your background and pick it.

select picture

You will now have what seems to be a single strong background. The point of the shape is to have the text disappear behind it.

If you have been to play the slideshow now, the text would disappear type of abruptly. To have a smoother exit, give soft edges to your shape. To do this, pick the shape and head more than to the “Format” tab and pick “Picture Effects” from the “Picture Styles” group.

Picture Effects

Pick “Soft Edges” from the dropdown menu.

soft edges

In the “Soft Edge Variations” group, pick the final choice for the softest edges.

very soft edges

That it! All that is left to do is wow your audience with your inventive presentation!