The new option integrates processor and memory in a single chip with Bluetooth Low Power and Zigbee protocol help.

Samsung Electronics Co. currently announced a new World wide web of Points (IoT) option, the Exynos i T100, which enhances the safety and reliability of devices developed for quick-variety communications.

Along with the previously introduced Exynos i T200 for Wi-Fi and Exynos i S111 for lengthy-variety narrow-band (NB) communications, the launch of the Exynos i T100 enables the corporation to cover a wider gamut of connectivity for today’s IoT devices.

Primarily based on a energy-effective 28-nanometer (nm) method technologies, the Exynos i T100 is optimized to be made use of with quick-variety IoT devices that automate and manage environments inside houses or corporations. The vast array of applications for such devices would include things like sensible lighting, household safety and monitoring, temperature manage, fire and gas detectors, and fitness wearables.

“Low-energy quick-variety IoT options that connect several goods in our houses or buildings can make our lives a lot easier and safer,” stated Ben Hur, senior vice president of Program LSI marketing and advertising at Samsung Electronics.

“The Exynos i T100, engineered with several communication protocols along with robust safety capabilities, will assistance additional extend IoT solutions in locations exactly where they could advantage our each day lives.”

The Exynos i T100 supports well known quick-variety communication protocols, Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) five. and Zigbee three., and also integrates the processor with memory in a smaller single-chip package, all to boost flexibility in the solution improvement method of device suppliers.

Robust safety options that guard against possible hacking and other threats is a ought to when it comes to wireless IoT devices that automate and manage their atmosphere. The Exynos i T100 comes with a separate Safety Sub-Program (SSS) hardware block for information encryption and a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) that creates a special identity for every chipset.

This new IoT option also adds to reliability in that it can endure intense temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 125°C.

The Exynos i T100 is at present sampling.

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