Former hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson is not shy about his bearish outlook on Tesla

TSLA, -five.22%

 . In truth, it feels like a bit of an obsession.

Tilson calls his selection to cover his brief in 2014 “one of the most significant blunders extended or brief of my investment profession,” and, earlier this year, he predicted the stock would finish 2019 beneath $100 — so far so fantastic on that unique vision.

Now he’s out with a further anti-Tesla missive.

‘Elon’s claims are FAR from becoming reality.’

Whitney Tilson

“Tesla is a zillion miles from Musk’s guarantee of Level five by the finish of this year and a fleet of a million robotaxis by the finish of subsequent year,” he stated in an e mail to investors that was posted on ValueWalk.

“Level 5” is fundamentally the point at which automobiles are capable of driving themselves anyplace, beneath any circumstances, with no limitations. Of course, none of these automobiles are on the road at the moment, and critics are doubtful we’ll see them anytime quickly.

In truth, Tilson is so confident that it will not occur he says he’s prepared to wager anyone who thinks otherwise. What’s additional, he’s prepared to bet $10,000 that Musk does not even come inside a year of either of these promises.

“Elon’s claims are FAR from becoming reality,” he stated, pointing to this video to show how behind he believes Tesla is on its vision of reaching Level five.

“If you do not have the time to watch it, I’ll summarize it for you: Autopilot is LAUGHABLY Negative,” Tilson wrote. “The driver had to intervene dozens of occasions — each handful of seconds, it seemed — to steer clear of Key accidents.”

Tesla shares produced it 5 losing sessions in a row Monday, touching their lowest level because January 2017 and closing down five% as trade-war fears gripped the broader market place. The stock’s now lost about a third of its worth this year.