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There are an excellent many show applied sciences out there for those who want to make a digital clock. Many hackers appear to have a penchant for the glowier fare from the Jap facet of the Berlin Wall. [ChristineNZ] is one such hacker, and managed to safe some correct Soviet package for an alarm clock construct.

The clock employs an IV-27M vacuum fluorescent show, manufactured within the now-defunct USSR. That includes 13 seven-segment digits, it’s obtained that charming blue glow that you simply simply don’t get with different applied sciences. A MAX6921AWI chip is used to drive the VFD, and an Arduino Mega is the brains of the operation. There’s additionally an HD44780-compliant LCD that may show additional alphanumeric data, and a 4×Four keypad for controlling the gadget.

The most effective a part of the construct although is the enclosure. The VFD is encased in a glass tube, and supported at both finish by 90-degree copper pipe couplers. These maintain the VFD aloft, and likewise act as a conduit for the wires coming off every finish of the tube. It’s all constructed on prime of a wood base that holds the remainder of the electronics.

It’s a horny construct, and we love the floating look created by the glass tube development. It’s not the primary time we’ve seen previous Russian VFDs, and we doubt it is going to be the final. Video after the break.